the start of my grifting era.

yes I'm starting a "newsletter".

yes I'm starting a "newsletter"

but who the f am I?

I finished my undergraduate last year, & received multiple offers from PMs in Citadel/MLP/Bluecrest/Rokos/Brevan to join their pod w/o going through the typical grad rotations. and I did that mostly through showcasing personal projects to buyside PMs. currently I'm a quant trader + researcher for a macro PM and am building the pod's FX directional book. sneak peek of the draft:

I want to start w a strong disclaimer. I do not claim that my writing is "actionable", or "insightful", nor I am arrogant enough to claim that my writing has "alpha". I don't even guarantee the correctness of my writing. the contents are niche by design, hence it is most probs not for most people. I write about topics that *I* find interesting/helped *me* during my search for a trading seat. that's all. if you expect more than that it's on you :P

what I aim my writing to be:

- rigorous *and* accessible (mathsy w ELI15 vibe)
- focus A LOT on building intuition (I'm a huge advocate for understanding *why* you're doing what you're doing)
- focus on practical details that are usually glossed over
- touch on things I wish I had read abt before

what I actively try to avoid writing about:

- generic textbook stuffs/equations i.e what is linear reg/MVO
- shill 952 textbooks/github/papers about "quant trading"
- generic code snippets i.e fitting ML models on price wtv (although sometimes I do provide code to play around with if it adds value)

the newsletter is priced in such a way to make it worth my time. I take a *lot* of care to make sure I'm not writing generic stuffs, and that takes a lot of effort and time. the launching price is heavily discounted ofc (deep OTM options have to be cheaper innit). first post will be up tomorrow.

I might have discounts in the future but it'll still be at least ~10-20% higher than launching price out of respect for those who purchase early. the discount is good for ~1week ish/first 50ppl whichever comes first.

And ofc I will be giving away 3m of free subs to 5 random ppl who RT this tweet to make sure my grift reaches as many ppl as possible.

IMPORTANT: I'm no longer using the forbidden website (substack). All my future content will be on here.

I understand the negative connotations of launching a newsletter, given the amount of LARPing influencianistas here that post worst-than-useless-cool-sounding methods to farm engagement/subs 👀(no it's not you, it's the other ones). hence I am pretty much expecting some skepticism.

the (very few) ppl that I think are genuinely selling good stuffs have generally two things in common in my view:

1) advocate for extreme conscientiousness + thoughtfulness when talking about doing anything instead of blindly shilling some techniques they read over the winter break
2) very transparent w regards to what you can expect out of their course/product/books

And that's what I'm aiming for (a very high bar, I know 😬). I think I've been quite transparent with regards to my background/exp. I started this acc in March and made it clear at that time that I was just a guy who was trying to get his foot in the door.

I do not claim to be a big shot trader/giga quant. I'm just a lucky guy who self-taught himself into a pod. You can check my prev writings to get my style of writing/gauge my level of knowledge. If you don't learn anything from them, you're most probably more advanced than me hence not the right audience :)

if you wonder about my incentives, they are: money, learning, self-challenge, proof of work, relationships, and fun. I'm putting my stuffs out to increase my luck/serendipity surface area. it would be quite cool if somehow in the future this newsletter opens up opportunities that I otherwise would not get.

And since I have a day job things can get hectic, so I might not have time to write/post. If I feel like I do not post enough to justify the value I will comp everyone for that month. as a rough estimate I plan to at least once every ~3/4 weeks.

lastly just wanna say barring all this sub stuff, even writing the articles themselves have made me at least twice a better quant than I was previously. and ~70% of the articles were sparked by the stuffs I read here, so just wanna say my appreciation for the community. cheers my gs

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