When A Ridge Regression Maxi Meets Random Forest

Chief Ridge Officer strikes back

When A Ridge Regression Maxi Meets Random Forest

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Friends, welcome back.

A lot of Ridge haters out there have been rejoicing after reading that I'm looking into random forest and tree models. As the people's Chief Ridge Officer (Lisan Al-Gaib), it's my utmost duty to teach these Harkonnens a lesson.

First we will show that Random Forest is nothing more than a copycat. Yes, it's true. There is no crime worse than stealing. Especially tweets and jokes. Or regularization technique. The OG is actually Ridge Regression.

And then with our knowledge of Ridge Regression, we will try to enhance by Random Forest by a performing a trick. Or we can colloquially call it Random Ridge Forest.

This article will be a dense one. I tried my best to skip all the non-essential stuffs and only get to the main points, but as we all know the devil is in the details. And I'm on a journey to understand tree models on a deep level, and I wouldn't do my audience a disservice by robbing them from the opportunity to tag along. So get your coffee, fix your posture, and let's do this.

Defending Ridge's Honour

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