Lowkey-Advanced Ridge Regression (Part I)

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In case some of you are not fully invested in my life yet, actually I started a self challenge where I study regressions only for 30 days:

So of course what good would it be if I had spent 30 days studying a technique and not write an article to shill the technique I read about? You're welcome.

Last time we went in depth into LASSO and put it to the test. We noted that LASSO can recover sparsity well, but only in limited circumstances. And given the lack of invariance of regularisation under change of basis, I thought that dropping variables seems a bit extreme, given that the basis of the predictors are arbitrary. Shrinking them seems a bit more permissible. (I removed the paywall btw so feel free to read it)

All my homies hate LASSO
I fell out of love with LASSO. it’s not you it’s me baby :(

We gave some handwavy explanation on why Ridge is a sensible alternative, but we never really went deep into it. In this article we will try to sharpen our intuition and understanding of Ridge Regression. Specifically we will try to touch on these topics:

Multicollinearity is not really at the heart of ridge regression
What are the exact conditions where Ridge regularization will add value?
Effects of dense true coefficients on optimal Ridge penalty
Tips on finding Ridge penalty in cross-validation

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